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Message From The President

Dorlisa Damon

Dear TRiO Alum:

I would like to invite you to become a part of the South Carolina TRiO Alumni Association (SCTAA).  SCTAA is an association for persons who have previously participated in one of the TRiO programs in South Carolina.  We are here to provide a network of social and professional support for fellow members to further enlighten public awareness of the needs of disadvantaged students and to provide a mechanism for former TRiO participants to voice support and advocacy for legislation, which provides equal access and opportunity for low-income and first-generation college and physically challenged students.

To become a member, complete the SCTAA Membership Intake Form.  Send in your annual dues of $10 along with your form. SCTAA annual dues are waived the first year for recent high school, and college graduates. We have a lot of events planned in the future, and we would love for you to become a part of the TRiO family once again!

Best regards,

Dorlisa Damon, President   

TRiO Alumni

Want to Join?

The benefits to being a member include:

  •   Access to state alumni news

  •   Networking opportunities with other alumni

  •   A SCTAA directory with a listing of personnel names

  •   An opportunity to serve and give back to the TRiO community

  •   Advocacy for enrolled and future TRiO students

  •   And much, much more!!

Board Members

Updated as of 10.19.22

Dorlisa Damon


Catherine Warren

Vice President

Tamika Brown


Sheneice Hunt


Tara Holoman

Past President

E. Jim Oree

Technology Chair

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